Other Information

It is important to understand that this information is compiled in general terms & may not refer specifically to your usage. The information compiled herein this document are made available for the sole consideration, investigation, and verification by the original intended recipients hereof.

The information compiled in this MSDS is provided without warranty of any kind, express or implied. Users are advised take into consideration that this information only is a supplement to other information gathered by or available to them. Users should make independent determinations & verifications of the suitability and completeness of information from all sources to assure proper use and disposal of these materials for the safety and health of employees, customers, and the environment. This hazard information is not a substitute for risk assessment under actual conditions of use.

Users have the responsibility to keep currently information on chemical hazard information, to design and updates their own programs, and to comply with all applicable national, federal, state, and local laws and regulations regarding safety, occupational health, right to know, and environmental protection.

This information should not be copied or recreated without the prior written approval of the author.

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