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We COCO AGRO, is a ISO 9001 & ISO14001, GMP certified coco peat / Coir growing medium manufacturer & exporter from Sri Lanka. Ever since our inception in 1996,  we have dedicated ourselves to the supply of premium quality Coco / Coir Growing mediums that can match  International standards.

We are certified for ISO 9001 : 2015, Quality Management Systems & ISO 14001:2015, Environment  management Systems.

Ever since our inception, We have been engaged in the manufacturing & exporting of Coco Growing mediums & has specialized in the products we produce.

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We offer our products in two brand names : "COCO AGRO" & "En-GREEN"

Production of all products are done  with selected raw materials by utilizing modern machinery & up to date production techniques available to the industry, under the supervision of  skilled & highly experienced production team.

All our products go through a vigorous quality assurance process at every phase of the production to ensure the best standards.

Testing is done at the company's fully equipped laboratory & also random samples are tested at reputed out sources.

All our products are produced to match international guidelines & standards set out for Coco peat growing mediums.

Learn,  how a real  producer of  premium quality Coco /  Coir Growing Mediums  regulates the quality.

Our main production plant & head office is being strategically located within the area called the “Coconut Triangle”, which has earned its name due to the bountiful Coconut yield & the lush Coconut plantations located within this area.

Further we are also away from the coastal belt. This gives us a distant advantage in obtaining high quality raw materials used in our production.

Our main location at Veyangoda, just 38 Km from Colombo city (The commercial capital) & the Colombo port gives us a logistical advantage in carrying out our daily business.

Further the distance to the Colombo International Airport is only 18 Km from our facility.

We offer a wide range of Coco / Coir products ranging from custom made growing solutions to professional commercial growers & special mixes for substrate companies & products designed for hobby markets.

Our products are designed for multiple usage applications & match all international standards set for Coco Coir Growing mediums. We supply both standard none buffered Coco materials & buffered Coco material. Our product range also offers specialized mixes to suite popular individual crop varieties that are grown commercially.

We have products for both the experienced professional commercial grower to the inexperienced grower. Our products can be applied both under high-tech Greenhouse conditions & cultivation under lesser technology. We supply to many major commercial growers in USA, Canada & Europe, who have shared their experience in using Cocos. This feedback has tremendously assisted our efforts to develop a user friendly medium that can be used by even a grower with less experience.

Famed as the “Pearl of the Indian Ocean”, Sri Lanka is home to lush Coconut cultivations due it’s unique tropical climatic conditions & the rich soil texture.

Coconut (Cocos Nucifera) is a tree falling into the palm variety & is cultivated in Sri Lanka for couple of centuries making it the largest grown economical crop, in the island.

Coconut fruit contain a milk rich inner kernel which is derived as food source & also processed to obtain edible cooking oil.

It is the Coconut husk, the thick fiber rich outer crust of the Coconut fruit that derives all the Coco raw materials used in the production of Coco Growing Mediums. The main raw materials of Coco Growing Medium are Coco Peat / Coco Chips / Coco Crushed & Coir Fiber.

Our production process starts at the raw material processing location / fiber mill, before the raw materials are even brought to our production site. We make it a point to regulate the quality of the raw material at the source, to maintain high quality standards.

Compared to other countries where Coconut is grown, Sri Lankan material has it’s own distinct features which are considered to be advantages by growers. Even the milling methods differs from other countries as the Coconut husk are aged before milling until outer greenish crust of the Coconut husk turns brown.

Raw materials derived by us are obtained from fiber mills owned by the company & from registered suppliers to avoid any quality issues.

Over the years in trade the company has established a wide supplier network to obtain sufficient raw materials throughout the year

The company relies on both sun drying & mechanical drying to obtain dehydrated materials for its production.

The sun drying are done in cemented yards to avoid being contaminated with sand & foreign matter. The company has also invested on its own drying yards to dry materials with high moisture obtained from the company’s own mills.

All other outsource sun drying is being only done by registered suppliers. These outsource cemented drying yards are visited periodically by officials of the company & the drying process audited.

The company has deployed a mechanical dryer for the drying process . This dryer mainly cater to the buffered material drying, but in the rainy seasons drying of non buffered materials are also done to avoid any shortages. This process of not relaying only on sun dried materials guarantee a smooth supply chain even during rainy seasons.

The raw materials obtained by the company undergo a strict quality check to ensure that only high quality raw materials are obtained at all times.

At the point of obtaining the dehydrated material are sorted to different grades, sizes & moisture levels. These sorted materials are stacked according to their grade, size & moisture.

Systems & controls have been adopted to guarantee that no mix up of raw material occur & withdrawal of raw material for the production are done on a fist in fist out (FIFO) basis to ensure that no excess aged material remain in the storage.

The company carries ample stocks to cater all its order, plus a buffer stock to fulfill any urgent un projected orders & has allocated adequate storage of raw materials.

High priority is given for preparation of raw materials prior to be compressed into product form & shapes. Selected raw materials are sieved to size the particles to the required size.

The sieved particles are mixed into a homogenous mix with different types of raw materials such as coir fiber, coco chips , coco crushed & coco peat or individually compressed, depending on the buyer requirement.

For some products the company makes several mixtures for different layers for better rooting & stability in the plant.

These mixture are unique from product to product to match different varieties of crop & the climatic conditions they are planted.

These mixtures of material have been mastered by the company over the years in catering to different customers with various requirements.

We have utilized the best machinery used in the trade & have employed well trained staff to carry out the assigned duties both at the production level & administration level.

Our production plant is equipped with the latest technology & machinery in our trade & has the capacity cater large volumes of production efficiently to match buyer requirements.

Over the years we have mastered, developed & designed our production methods to match different products of growing mediums. Most of these production methods are unique to our company & the results it has yielded to us is tremendous.

Once an order is received for production it is planed in details. This involves the allocation of specialized raw materials & packing materials to the set of machines & nominating the production team, plus the time frame for completion.

High priority is given to such detailed planning to avoid any deviations from the received order.

All our products are tested at every stage of the production in our own fully equipped laboratory by qualified lab technicians to ensure high quality standards. Samples are obtained from every batch & retained for a pre determined period of , before disposal.

Random samples are sent periodically to state owned laboratories & reputed private laboratories for testing. Test results are documented properly for future references at the company’s record room.

Any negative results pertaining to samples are dwelt immediately, ensuring that no such inferior batches of production is shipped to any customer. The laboratory staff & quality control staff are updated frequently with new testing methods & customer requirements. Strict quality control measures are adopted from the raw material extraction point to delivery point to ensure that the customer receives the right quality end product. Traceability method & systems have been adopted to trace back a particular batch to its source, empowering the management to answer any post sales quarries.

Not only on the production process, great care is taken at packaging stage of the finished products. Each product has unique packaging method weather it is primary, secondary or tertiary packaging.

At the point of ordering the client is given the choice of several options of packaging method to choose from to match their handling & logistical requirement.

Adhering to the request of the client the packaging is done by utilizing best packaging materials & also in accordance to guideline & standards set out for packaging.

All wooden pallet bases used for packaging are treated in accordance to ISPM standard.

After inspected & checked by quality control officers, every batch of finished goods are approved for shipment.. The stuffing of containers with finish goods too are carried out by well trained & experienced staff to avoid any damages to goods while loading.

The loaded containers are trucked by registered logistics providers of the company, to be shipped from Colombo port. Once the containers are placed on board the company tracks the movement of vessels to avoid any delays at transshipment points , until the cargo is delivered to the customer.

Post delivery feedback from our clients is a vital part of our process. This process ensures that the customers are satisfied & our process efficient. It also greatly assist us in ongoing continuous research & development of the products.

In the event of any complications to the customer our after sales support team is fully geared to assist , backed by technical support from fully qualified agronomists.

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