Cocopeat - Best Organic Growing Medium


Coconut tree (Cocos Nucifera) which grows in the tropical climatic & is a tree falling into the palm verity.  The Coconut fruit is used for food purpose while the thick outer husk rich with fiber is the source of our raw materials.

Coco peat is a by product which is left over from the milling of husks to obtain the fibers. Coco peat which was earlier disposed as a waste products have become a popular growing medium due to its unique features.

Apart from milling to obtain the Coir fibre the husk too is cut & sliced to obtain the Coco chips & Coco crushed material for growing purpose. The Coir fibre earlier used for other purposes  than growing is now used as mixture in substrates as it has the capability to increase the aeration of a substrate.

Coco Peat once a waste product derived from milling of the Coconut Husk to obtain Coir fiber has now become a most sorted for Growing Medium.

Milling of the Coconut husk to obtain the Coir fiber for yarns, brooms, brushes & for mattress fiber has been an industry in Sri Lanka for generation.

The Coconut fruit (Nut) has been a main source in preparation of food. The milk rich inner kernel of the Coconut nut is grated to obtain milk or dried & milled to obtain Coconut oil, (edible cooking oil). The kernel too is sliced & dried to obtain desiccated coconut used by confectioneries to produce different types of sweets & biscuits.

The Coconut shell, the outer hard crust of the kernel is burnt to form activated carbon & Coconut shell charcoal.

Coco Peat which was earlier disposed as a waste product has gained high demand due its distinct character as a user friendly growing medium.

Among a host of large advantages in Coco peat as a Growing medium, the ability to absorb & retain moisture has been it’s the key advantage. In the beginning mostly Coco peat was used as a growing medium, but by know different mixtures are being made with the addition of Coco chips, Coco Crushed & Coir fiber to improve the medium.

Coco Growing mediums over the years have proven it self to be a huge success & have acquired a market share in the Growing medium trade superseding many other mediums performing beyond expectation. Today Coco growing Mediums have become one of the most sorted for & versatile growing medium that can be applied to any variety of plant both in agriculture & floriculture.

The success of Coco Medium can be mainly attributed to its user friendly nature. Even a first time user of Coco medium with not much knowledge of the material can yield the best harvest without any complications when a very simple set of instructions are followed pertaining to pre-planting & watering.

Educating the grower of Coco usage is a matter of utmost importance. If not properly understood & applied wrongly it can lead to complications.

The Medium itself is a 100% organic substance & is free from any harmful matter. This has given the material an e-friendly label. Unlike many other mediums extraction of Coco Medium dose not harm the environment. In fact using Coco Mediums will assist the environment as disposing the medium after usage will not harm the soil composition as it is an organic matter.


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